Friday 19th August 2022

What's it all about?

This article's designed to help you:

  • Understand the available options when you're taking on a mortgage
  • Avoid the dangers and boost the benefits of your mortgage deal
  • Make good long-term decisions about your finances

Taking on a mortgage means shouldering what's very likely to be the single biggest financial debt you'll ever carry. Making the right choice about your mortgage could very well end up saving you thousands of pounds overall. Just remember that not everyone's circumstances are the same, so there's no cut-and-paste, one-size-fits-all solution for everyone. Even if your parents, friends or workmates swear by the deal they got, that doesn't mean it'll be a good match for you. Take your time, do a little legwork and you'll be a lot better off in the long run—and with mortgages, it's the long run that really matters. So, you're ready to kick off a mortgage on the new home of your dreams. Let's take a look at the basic types of deal on offer.