Monday 22nd August 2022

What's it all about?

This article's designed to help you:

  • Understand the hidden costs of your wedding
  • Make smart budgeting and savings decisions
  • Make the most of one of the biggest days of your life

The last few years have been a painful, frustrating time for so many brides and grooms to-be. The COVID-19 pandemic saw well over 264,000 weddings across the UK delayed or cancelled in 2020 alone! Having one of the most important days of your life put on indefinite hold was bad enough, but the problems didn’t end when the lock down restrictions were lifted. The end of lockdown saw a surge in demand for weddings as people rushed to tie the knot as quickly as possible. Just as we’ve seen with the rocketing cost of energy in the UK, the struggling wedding industry pumped its prices up in an effort to stage a recovery in the face of an overwhelming “bridal wave” of demand. With well over half a million couples backed up in the wedding pipeline, it’s vital that you make smart choices to help manage the cost of getting hitched.