RIFT Customer Charter

We're a family business and our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  Our Customer Charter shows you what RIFT stands for and how this influences every decision we make. The RIFT Code of Conduct is our internal code of ethics and practice which we hope the rest of the tax refund industry will follow.

We will provide you with a friendly and helpful service whenever you deal with us

We will clearly explain what services we are able to provide to you, how they work and how they will help you. We will promptly answer any questions you have at any point in your experience with us. 

We will be professional and act with integrity

We will always act within the law and follow the rules and regulations set out by HMRC. We will make sure that you are assisted by people with the expertise and training needed to act on your behalf.

We use our knowledge to maximise your tax rebate accurately and we protect this through our unique RIFT Guarantee. Our RIFT Guarantee means that if HMRC disagrees with the amount that we’ve claimed and ask for the money back, so long as you have provided us with full and accurate information, we’ll pay it back for you.

We will be open and transparent about how we act on your behalf and we will explain what we are doing, and why, every step of the way

We will always ensure you understand what service we are providing, how it will work and what steps we will need to take in order to deliver it. We will explain to you how we are acting on your behalf with HMRC at each step of the journey, what we will do, what you need to do yourself and what will happen next. Our pricing is open with no hidden costs

We will resolve complaints fairly, consistently and promptly

We will act on any complaint quickly to find an appropriate resolution with you. We will provide a clearly set-out escalation process if you are unhappy with any resolution. We will continue to learn from customer complaints by adapting what we do, and through ongoing colleague training.

We will protect your information and respect your privacy

We will protect the information you provide to us and will only ever share information about you when the law lets us do so, or where you have agreed to it.

We will actively seek your thoughts and suggestions on how we can continue to become more helpful

We will listen to customer feedback through colleagues, customer complaints and through our customer listening programme (including customer feedback surveys). We will provide our customers with an annual update about how we have listened to their feedback and how we have developed what we do to better meet customer needs.

We will continue to support you by providing our unique customer aftercare services

Even after you’ve received your tax rebate, we are here to help you with any tax related matters throughout the year. Our tax specialists will be on hand to answer any questions that involve HMRC. For example if you receive any communication from HMRC, if you notice a change in your take home pay and think you might have a problem with your tax code, to a change in your personal circumstances such as moving from employment to self-employment.

We will respect you

We will treat you with courtesy and respect whenever you deal with us. We will listen and respond to any concerns you have and answer your questions whenever they arise.

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