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Used your own vehicle or public transport to travel to different work locations? You could be owed a HMRC tax rebate but it’s not something you'll just automatically be given back - as the UK's leading tax refunds expert, RIFT can get your tax back for you. The average tax rebate amount is £3,000 and we’ll tell you straight away if you're owed anything.

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TAX REFUNDSTax Refunds & Tax Returns made easy

Fill your wallet with a HMRC tax rebate claim from RIFT - the UK's top tax experts! Have you been missing out on your annual tax refund claims? What could an average pay-out of £3,000 mean for your family? Hundreds of millions of pounds in unclaimed tax refunds go to waste each year.  It costs nothing to find out what you're owed. Use our tax rebate calculator to find out how much you could be missing out on.

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Customer Stories''I got over £6,000 back and treated the kids''

''I saw the RIFT advert in The Sun and thought it was worth a shot to see if I was owed any money.  I've been with Galamast for 8 years now, use my own car to get around and am always travelling long distances to different sites.  I was chuffed when RIFT phoned and told me I got over £6,000 back - it was the easiest money I've got back in my life! I'll definitely be in touch with them again this year to see if I can get any more.  I've treated the kids to a few nice days out since I got the money so they're happy too!''

Adrian Chinnock, 57, Somerset

Who are RIFT?The UK's leading tax rebate experts

The UK’s tax laws are a maze of deadlines, exemptions and penalties. RIFT’s tax rebate specialists are the best in the business at handling the complex details of rebate claims. From calculating mileage and other tricky expenses to protecting your refund from HMRC enquiries, RIFT keeps online tax rebate claims simple, stress-free and safe.

We've claimed back over £300 million in tax rebates for over 160,000 people like you since 1999. We look after every claim on an individual basis so we can do what is best for you.

RIFT's expertise in handling HMRC tax rebates and filing tax returns is world-class. We take care of the whole process for you, so you never miss out or run into trouble. Try our Tax Rebate Calculator to get your tax refund claim started. It takes no time to complete and gives an instant estimate of how much your refund will be.


Your tax expertsRIFT tax rebate specialists

Whatever you do for a living, there’s no reason to overfeed the taxman. When it comes to claiming tax rebates, RIFT is the UK's top expert. We’ve put hundreds of millions of pounds back in the pockets of workers from all sectors. Your work’s tough enough already, so we make sure your tax rebate claims are simple, stress-free and completely safe. Every day we're claiming military tax refunds, construction tax refunds and work with people in sectors like:

Why use RIFT refunds?Tax rebates the RIFT way...

Your tax rebate is safe with RIFT

Refund guaranteed

We handle HMRC queries so your rebate stays safe.

Check for free if you're due a tax rebate

No hidden costs

It costs nothing to find out if you have a claim.

RIFT provides personal service

Peace of mind

Our expert team have reclaimed £380 million.

RIFT Tax Rebates is safe and easy

We do the hard work

97% of customers say claiming with us is easy!

Getting your tax backHow RIFT gets your tax back

When you’re making a tax rebate claim, you’ve got to get elbow-deep in the tiny details. That means understanding the rules for everything from vehicle tax refunds to essential work expenses such as mileage. The rules are strict, and even tiny mistakes can end up costing you big chunks of the cash you’re owed. Even worse, claiming too much – even accidentally – can quickly land you in hot water with the taxman.

With your free MyRIFT account and our custom-built app, you’ll never be left out of the loop. You can track your tax refund progress at any time and update any of the essential details on the fly.

Making Tax EasyCommon tax rebate questions

  • How quickly will I get my tax refund?

    It takes a few weeks to put together a really comprehensive tax refund claim.  As soon as you're happy to go forward, we'll send your claim to HMRC for approval.  It can take 8-10 weeks for the taxman to check your details and confirm your refund total, so the sooner you get us the information we need the sooner you'll have your money.

    The best way to speed up your RIFT Tax Refund is to get your Authorising your agent (64-8) form back to us fast.  This is the form that lets us tackle the taxman on your behalf.  Without 2 physical copies of your 64-8 document, HMRC won't even speak to us about your claim.  It's annoying, but it's all about protecting you.

    As soon as your refund's paid out, we'll either send you a cheque or pay it into your bank account if you prefer.  The choice is yours.

    Have a look at our 'How Long Does A Tax Refund Take' page for more information about how long it takes to get your tax refund done and some pointers for how to make things happen as fast as possible.

    Remember that you can claim for the last 4 tax years and you can make your claim at any time.

  • Am I due a tax rebate?

    In HMRC's language, a tax rebate is "a refund on taxes when the tax liability is less than the taxes paid".  What it's definitely not is a prize or a dodgy way of ''cheating the system''.  When you're owed a HMRC tax refund, it's because you've already paid too much tax.

    When you're paying your own way to temporary workplaces, the odds are good that you're owed some tax back for your expenses.  ''Temporary'' here just means it's somewhere you're working for less than 24 months on the trot.  It's worth making sure you get back what you're owed, too.  You can claim a tax rebate for up to 4 years, with an average 4-year rebate with RIFT coming to £3,000.

    A lot of the time, people don't even realise how many of their day-to-day expenses qualify for tax relief.  Unless you prove to HMRC what you're owed, though, the taxman won't have the information he needs to settle up.  The tax rebate system's a little clunky in places, but RIFT's on-demand, 1-on-1 service means you'll never get lost or lose out. 

    Just answer a few simple questions and we can tell you whether the expenses you've had to pay out in the course of your work meant that you may have paid more tax than you should.

    You can also use our tax refund calculator to see an estimate of how much you could be due if you make a claim. 

  • What Are RIFT's Prices?

    Our standard charges are:

    • Tax refund if you're employed under PAYE: 36% of refund claimed (including VAT) Minimum fee £60 (including VAT)
    • CIS Tax Refund including tax return: £330 (including VAT)

    Don't worry if you had a mixture of self-employed and PAYE (employed by a company) work during the period you want to claim for. We can work out if you would be due a refund and let you know what the fee would be.

    See our full list of services with prices and options.

    When we receive your refund from HMRC we take out our fee and then pay it the refund to you. There are no up front charges to pay for anything. If you are not due a refund then there is no charge.

    Before we send your claim to HMRC we sent a copy to you with a full breakdown of all the fees so you can clearly see:

    • The total refund
    • The cost of our service
    • The VAT due (VAT goes to the government, it's charged on almost all goods and services)
    • The amount you will receive

    You will need to sign and send this back to us to say you have read, understood and agreed with it, along with a declaration that all the information you have provided about your claim is true. This means you will never be charged any fees you have not agreed to.

    There are no further fees to pay, and no hidden charges.

    All aftercare is included (if you need us to call HMRC on your behalf, if you have a problem you would like us to resolve with them, if your tax code needs correcting etc).

    Your refund is covered by the unique RIFT Guarantee which means that whatever happens, your refund stays in your own pocket and will never go back to HMRC. If we fight any HMRC enquiries for you (which is included free of charge) and if they did demand any money back, we would pay back the refund to HMRC ourselves.

    We will also send you a reminder when it's time to see if you have a claim next year.

  • What are your opening hours?

    You can reach us on the phone or Livechat   

    • Mon-Thurs: 8:30am – 8:30pm
    • Fri: 8.30am – 6:00pm
    • Sat: 9:00 – 1:00pm

    You can email us or send us a question or feedback through our contact page at any time and you can leave us a private message through our Facebook page.

Refer a friendEarn extra cash for you and your mates

Simply enter your friend's name and email address on your referral form, and we'll send them a one off email to let them know you think RIFT tax rebates could help them.

  • If they get in touch and claim a refund, we'll send you a £50 reward for your help.
  • And for every 5 you send that claim, you get an extra £150 bonus.

UK Tax BackHow RIFT helps you claim tax rebates online

From vehicle tax refunds to claiming tax relief for expenses of employment, it can take an expert to get a tax rebate from HMRC. The HMRC tax refund regulations are complicated enough that even tiny mistakes can leave you badly out of pocket. Worse yet, if you accidentally claim tax refunds you aren't owed, you'll quickly find yourself in serious difficulty.

It's the little details that matter when you're claiming a tax refund, and with your free MyRIFT account, you'll never be left in the dark.  MyRIFT makes it simple to check and update all your claim information, whenever you need to.  That's the secret to getting the most from your refund - and getting it fast!

Mileage tax relief is by far the largest part of most tax refund claims. Use our quick and simple mileage expenses calculator for an instant estimate of how much you can claim back from HMRC on your business mileage this past year.

RIFT's expertise in handling HMRC tax refunds is world-class. We take care of the whole process for you, so you never miss out or run into trouble. Try our  Tax Rebate Calculator to get your tax refund claim started. It takes less than a minute to complete and gives an instant estimate of how much your refund will be.

HMRC Tax RefundsWhen can I claim my tax rebate?

Often, the perfect time to claim your UK tax rebate is after the end of the tax year. Sometimes, though, you’ll find yourself with claims that stretch back a little further. Remember, even if you’ve never claimed a tax rebate before, there might still be time to get back what you’re due. You can claim back overpaid tax for up to 4-years – and it’s absolutely worth doing it. An average 4-year tax refund from RIFT stacks up to over £3,000! Just 4 quick questions and a minute of your time will set you on the road to your tax rebate. That could well be the single most valuable minute of your year!

Tax ReturnsSelf Assessment Tax Returns with RIFT

Some of the most common questions we get asked at RIFT are “what is a tax return?” and “how much tax do I owe?”

When you’re taxed through the PAYE system, HMRC takes its bite of your income before you even get it. It goes straight from your employer, using your tax code. However, if you’ve got other sources of income, your tax code won’t paint a complete picture of your earnings on its own. That means you’ll probably have to file a tax return through the Self Assessment system to report your income and expenses to HMRC. When you’re sorting out a tax refund, claiming for expenses of over £2,500 will also mean sending a tax return to get your money. If you’ve filed Self Assessment tax returns before, you’ll already know they can be difficult to get right and disastrous to get wrong. That’s where the Self Assessment experts at RIFT really shine.

If you’re self-employed, you need to get yourself registered for Self Assessment as soon as you can. There’s a strict deadline of the 5th of October in the year you start trading, and missing it could be painful. Self Assessment tax return penalties are based on the potential tax HMRC thinks it’s lost, and they’re no joke. With RIFT on your side, though, you’ll always know your tax returns are in expert hands.

UK Tax RefundsTax refunds made easy

Because we’re the UK’s top tax experts, we know HMRC’s rebate rulebook inside out. We keep the whole process of getting even with the taxman painless and hassle-free.

Most people miss out on the money HMRC owes them because the system’s too complicated – or never even realise they can get tax back at all. With RIFT behind you, you’ll never be confused about who can claim a UK tax rebate or what expenses you can claim for. Just answer a few basic questions about the work you do and the travel you’re paying for and we’ll take it from there. Take a look at our HMRC tax rebate calculator for a fast estimate of what you’re already owed.

RIFT is with you for every step of your tax rebate journey. You can talk to us at any time on the phone or via email, or use our online forms and Livechat service. If you work in the construction industry, you can even chat to our reps face-to-face or wherever else suits you.
As soon as we’ve got the information we need for your claim, we’ll send you a breakdown to approve. Once we get the thumbs-up from you, we’ll get it on the taxman’s desk, then chase HMRC until it’s paid out in full.

Tax RebateAre HMRC tax rebates legal?

It’s so important to realise that there’s absolutely nothing wrong or “dodgy” about claiming your yearly tax refunds. HMRC isn’t your enemy, and it genuinely doesn’t want a penny more of your money than you owe.

Since way back in 1998, UK tax law has ruled that anyone travelling to temporary workplaces while continuously employed can claim tax back on their travel expenses. We can claim military tax refunds, construction tax refunds and more! Whatever job you do, unless your employer pays or reimburses your travel expenses in full, you could be missing out on the tax rebate you’re owed by law.

This is your money, and it’s 100% legal to claim it back. What’s more, HMRC actively wants you to get the tax relief you’re owed under sections 336- 339 of the Income Tax (Earnings and Pensions) Act 2003.

At RIFT, we follow the official legal guidance set out in HMRC guide 490 - Employee Travel – and we never claim a penny more than you’re owed. With RIFT, both your refund and you are completely protected. You’ll get back the tax you’re due, and stay in HMRC’s good books at the same time.

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