Friday 22nd September 2023

Our latest analysis has revealed which jobs are due for a pay rise in 2023 having seen the largest salary reductions year on year, as well as the job roles you might want to consider having seen the largest pay rises. 

We analysed data from the Office for National Statistics looking at current earnings by occupation across the UK and how these earnings have changed on an annual basis. 

The results show that the nation’s highest earners last year were predictably chief executives and senior officials with an average salary of £109,937. Marketing, finance and information technology directors also ranked high, as did medical practitioners, pilots and headteachers. 

At the other end of the table, cleaners took home the lowest salary at £11,628, with kitchen assistants, retail cashiers, waiters and waitresses, bar staff, play-workers and lollipop men and women also making the list of worst paid occupations. 

However, it’s writers who may want to consider a career change.