Monday 27th September 2023

As we approach Mental Health Awareness month, we at RIFT feel compelled to address a sobering reality. While there has been a decrease in suicides across England and Wales in recent years, there's an urgent concern within skilled trade occupations, and it hits close to home.

The analysis of data from the Office for National Statistics by RIFT found that the number of suicides across England and Wales fell by 7.7% in 2021, following a decline of 3% the previous year.

However, analysis of the data by occupation shows that those working within skilled trades occupation are most at risk, accounting for 15% of all suicides in 2021 (668).

Of the 668 suicides registered across skilled trades occupations, 307 were attributed to those working within the skilled construction and building trade sub-sector.

A deeper dive into these statistics shows that of these 307 suicides, 78% were registered specifically within the construction and building trades.

At RIFT, we have a profound connection to the construction industry, and we've proudly supported The Lighthouse Club for nearly two decades. This is a charity that's not just close to our hearts; it's an integral part of our mission.

The Lighthouse Club is a lifeline for those within the construction industry who've fallen on hard times. Their incredible volunteers offer not only practical support but also a shoulder to lean on when times get tough. One of their most valuable services is emergency financial assistance, providing crucial support to those facing illness, injury, or other unexpected challenges.

Watch Jade talk about her experience with depression in one of Lighthouse Club's Make it Visible interviews