A P87 form is the document you use to use to claim tax relief for your work expenses. You can only claim your tax rebates with a P87 if you're an employee. If you're self-employed, you tell HMRC about your expenses through the Self-Assessment system. You also have to use Self Assessment if you have work expenses of over £2,500 to claim for in one year.

You need to submit a separate P87 for each job you're claiming a tax refund for. If you've already made a claim through RIFT on a paper P87 form, HMRC may occasionally need to ask for more information. If they do, they'll send out a standard enquiry letter and won't pay your refund until they hear back. Sometimes, you can still make another year's claim while this is being sorted out. One of our Compliance case workers will handle this for you. Depending on the situation, you might be able to make your new claim straight away. In other cases, though, it's better to wait for HMRC to pay out your earlier years' refunds first.