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With unlimited cash rewards and amazing prizes to be won, everyone’s a winner with RIFT Refer a Friend.

If you've got more questions about how the scheme works, when you'll be paid for your referrals or anything else, check out our FAQ below. If you still need help, or if you'd rather refer your friends by phone, then give us a call on 01233 628648

  • I know someone who might be owed a tax refund. What should I tell them?

    If you’ve had a tax refund yourself, you’ll know how it all works and that there really is money waiting at HMRC for people to claim it back. As you know, far too many people are still missing out on the tax refunds they're owed, and a quick word from a workmate can make all the difference.

    You can tell them about RIFT and how to get in touch with us, but if you use RIFT's Refer a Friend scheme you can even make yourself a little extra money, just for spreading the word. You don't even need to have a claim of your own this year to start earning!

    The quickest way to refer your friends is by using our online form.

    You can also phone, email, FB, Livechat us with your friends email address or mobile number so we can send them an invitation to see if they are due a refund. 

    Whether you're the new rookie on the job or the grizzled veteran 2 days from retirement, it's good to have buddies to rely on.

  • My friends want to contact you themselves. Can I still get a referral bonus?

    Absolutely! Tell them the RIFT reference number we gave you, so they can quote it to us when they get in touch. That way, you can be sure you'll get the credit – and the cash – when they make their claim.

    If they forget your number, don't worry. If they can tell us your name and your postcode, mobile or email address then we should be able to see that it was you who sent them our way and make sure that you get paid if they claim. The number just makes it a little easier to be sure we're giving credit where it's due.

    Using the refer a friend form means they get sent a link that includes your reference number so there’s never an issue with that.

    We also have RIFT representatives visiting construction sites up and down the UK. When they're around, just get your friends to collar them in the canteen. They should be able to say on the spot whether there's a good chance they're owed money by HMRC. They'll explain how it all works and get things started. Again, if they let us know that you referred them, you'll get the bonus cash.

    If you were helped by a RIFT representative yourself, of course you could always just give them your friends' contact details directly. If you can't find one to talk to in person, you and your workmates can also find us on Facebook, and Twitter. Feel free to keep getting the word out by sharing our posts and tagging your friends to let them know they could have a refund claim. 


  • When will I receive my referral payment

    We pay your referral rewards once the person you referred has made a successful claim with us.

    The first thing to do is check with your friend if they got in touch and started a claim with us. If they didn’t, you can always encourage them to get started.

    It might be that the person you referred either wasn’t owed anything by HMRC this year, decided not to use RIFT, had already been referred by someone else or didn’t use your reference number when they first got in touch with us.

    If they’ve started their claim, that’s great news for you both as they’ll be getting a refund and you’ll be getting your reward. As you’ll know from your own claim, the process takes around 10 weeks after they first get in touch with us to getting their refund paid. As soon as they get that refund, though, you’ll get your payment.

    If they did use the link we sent them, and they’ve had their refund payment but you haven’t got your reward then please get in touch with us right away.

  • Who Can I Refer?

    Anyone who uses their own vehicle or public transport to travel to temporary workplaces or Armed Forces postings (temporary counts as 24 months) may be due a tax refund.

    You can refer anyone to us that you think we can help. With 1 in 3 UK taxpayers paying too much tax, and over 87% of people who are referred to us being due a refund, there’s a good chance that people you know are missing out on money that could really make a difference.

    Start referring your friends today.

  • Can I refer friends if I am not a RIFT customer

    Absolutely, please pass our details to anyone you think we can help.

  • Has my friend I referred been in touch?

    Check with your friend if they got in touch and started a claim with us.  If they didn't you, you can always encourage them to get started.

  • How do the prize draws work

    Referrers are entered into the Bronze, Silver or Gold categories based on the number of £50 payments they have received within the last year, on the end date of the promotion.

    Referrers can only be entered into one of Bronze/Silver/Gold categories when the prizes are drawn at the end of each promotion, regardless of how many referrals they make or payments they receive. It is possible for referrers to move between categories during a promotion, e.g. from Bronze to Silver, if they receive further £50 payments before the campaign end date.

    There is currently 1 cash prize draw for each category, with the amount that can be won being £150 for Bronze, £300 for Silver and £500 for Gold.  

    To enter the Star Prize draw, the referrer needs to make a referral between the current promotion dates and the actual or potential claim must still be “live” at the end of the promotion – i.e. filed or actively engaging.

    Anyone who makes a referral that starts a claim with us during the promotional period is in with a chance to win a RIFT Magic Moment.

    Although referrers can only be entered into one of the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories, they can be entered into one of them plus the Star Prize draw if they make a referral during the current promotion. It is possible that a referrer could win the Star Prize (if there is one) and a cash prize from Bronze, Silver or Gold.

    Please see full Terms and Conditions for all of the details.

  • Can I refer more than 5 people?

    Yes! There’s no upper limit to what you could earn by referring your mates, colleagues and family to RIFT. You’ll get a £50 reward for each person who goes on to claim their refund with RIFT, plus another £150 for each 5 people you referred.

  • How likely is it that the people I refer will be owed tax refunds?

    If they’re paying from their own pockets for work travel or other essential expenses, then the odds are good that they’re owed money. In fact, 87% of people referred to RIFT find out they’re owed tax back from HMRC.

  • How will you know it was me who referred someone?

    When you refer someone to RIFT, we send them a one-off email with a link in it. When they click that link, we’ll know automatically it was you who referred them. If they decide to phone us instead to check if they’re owed tax back, remind them to tell us who referred them so we can get you your rewards.

  • What sort of prizes are people winning with Magic Moments?

    Magic Moment prizes are based on the kind of things RIFT customers tell us they’d love to win. Here are a few examples:

    • Tony Johns won £200 in Love2Shop vouchers.
    • Lewis Travers won a £150 Virgin Experience voucher.
    • Ed Plackett won a GoPro Hero 7.
    • Reece Wood won a 32GB 4K Apple TV.


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