What kind of information does RIFT remember about me?

When you use RIFT online, we try to make sure you're getting exactly the information and services you need. A lot of the time, that means using little files called “cookies”. You've probably been hearing a lot about cookies lately, so it's worth knowing what they're for and why we use them. For example, cookies help us recognise you when you sign in to use your MyRIFT account.

Are cookies a threat to my online security?

Collecting information about your online activity is nothing to worry about in itself. Many sites and services genuinely need it to work properly. They help keep your accounts secure, and can actually save you from falling victim to various kinds of “cybercrime”.

Of course, it's always a good idea to know what information you're leaving behind you, and who you're letting access it. That's one of the important points of the new General Data Protection Regulation system. GDPR makes it easier to control how your information is handled, and means businesses and organisations have to protect you from its misuse.

What kinds of cookies does RIFT use?

At RIFT, we use 3 main types of cookie:

  • Basic: these are the things that let us give you the services you ask for. They let you stay logged into your accounts with us, for example. They're not strictly “essential”, but if these cookies are blocked you'll probably have a tougher time getting everything you need from RIFT.

  • Performance: performance cookies are all about making our sites and services better all-round. They let us see which pages are the most popular, and which might need to be made easier to find. They help us to work out what you need from us, and how we can best give it to you.

  • Functional: these cookies let us recognise you and remember any preferences you've set, showing you the right information for the services you use. They also let us make sure you're being sent the crucial reminders and updates you need throughout the year for your tax returns or refunds. They let us offer the best possible help and support, based on your circumstances and the industry you work in. Functional cookies also mean we can tell if you're a new or returning customer, even if you've been away for a while. That means we can get your tax refund or return rolling faster and more smoothly.

Does RIFT let other companies put cookies on my computer?

We take your information very seriously, and go to great lengths to protect it. While we use cookies supplied by other companies these are part of software that we use to measure how the site is used and if it is working correctly (such as Google Analytics).

The 3rd party cookies we use help us to see what you do on our site, the journeys you take through it and whether you download any of our guides or forms. We use this information to help us make it easier to find what you're looking for. We use this type of cookie to gather information for us about how well the website is working, not to let other companies gather any information about you.

Does RIFT use cookies for advertising?

We don't use any cookies for displaying adverts on our own sites, and we never share any of your information with “advertising partner” businesses. When you're on other sites that do have adverts on them, your RIFT cookies help us to show you information about our own services that might be helpful to you.

How do I control the cookies you can use?

Depending on the internet browser you use, you can generally do this either globally or on a case-by-case basis. You can control your cookies in your browser settings.

Remember that you can always control the kind (and frequency) of communications you get from RIFT by logging into MyRIFT and visiting your Preferences Centre.

We want you to have the best service we can offer, and we're working to make it even better all the time. The information we collect is a big part of that, but we make sure you're always in control.