RIFT has been looking after construction workers for 21 years, and we’re proud to work alongside organisations that’ve been doing it even longer. Since 1956, The Lighthouse Club has been helping the UK building trade community, offering vital lifelines and mental health support in one of the world’s toughest industries. Now, The Lighthouse Club charity urgently needs all of our help to keep their essential work going under increasingly difficult circumstances.

Here’s what their CEO Bill Hill says:

"Dear Lighthouse Club Supporter,

I hope that you are all safe during these difficult and testing times. I am writing to you looking for your support.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic calls to our Construction Industry Helpline are increasing by 25% per week from construction workers and their families in crisis.

Many of these cases are from self-employed tradesmen, agency staff or workers on zero-hour contracts. Many of these workers live from week to week and are often only one or maybe 2 paydays away from poverty. They need our help to feed their families. Our charity is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the construction workforce and their families in the UK and Ireland. As a charity we rely heavily on event income to fund our Helpline. However, due to the pandemic our national and regional Lighthouse Club fundraising event program has been decimated.

So at a time when the construction industry needs us the most...our ability to support our community is at its lowest ebb.

That is why we are asking you to please donate to our Construction Workers Family Crisis Fund.

My promise to you, is that not a penny of this fund will be diverted to charity overhead, and every penny you donate will be ring fenced and used to support construction families in need.

Please donate as much as you can either as an individual or a company, so that we can build a significant reserve that will see us through this crisis and help us give the greatest support to our construction community.

“No construction worker or their family should feel alone in a crisis” we are here for them 24/7, so whether you are in a position to donate or not, please ensure you communicate our Helpline to your friends and colleagues or get them to download our free Construction Industry Helpline support app

I know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but I hope that we can count on your generosity in our charity’s hour of need.  

Thank you

Bill Hill

CEO, Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity"

The Lighthouse Club’s Construction Industry Helpline is an essential and confidential service, and a gateway to an incredible range of support, education and training. At the same time, the charity finances vital health and safety initiatives, and directly funds young people and former offenders making a start in construction. RIFT is honoured to count the charity among our most important partners, so visit https://www.lighthouseclub.org/ to find out more and help if you can.