Working in construction, Apryl wasn’t sure if she would be eligible to claim a yearly tax refund. A colleague first suggested that she get in touch with RIFT, having had a great experience with us before, so she took the plunge.

We were quickly able to tell that she was owed money, and sent out the paperwork needed to get cracking. RIFT set her up with a Unique Taxpayer Reference number, as required by HMRC, and got to work on her claim. Before she knew it, she received a refund cheque for an impressive £4,456!
Apryl was delighted with how simple and quick the whole process was. So delighted, in fact, that she’s kept coming back to RIFT for the last 4-years. Her latest refund came at a pivotal time for her, while she was on maternity leave. She called it the very best start to the year she could have hoped for.

Apryl heartily recommends RIFT to colleagues, family and friends alike - and we love it when happy clients help to spread the word about tax refunds. With over 80% of people sent our way by referrals being owed tax back, they’re the very best way to keep the taxman honest. HMRC sits on an amazing hundreds of millions in unclaimed refunds each year. Check out our Refer a Friend scheme to see the cash rewards and prizes on offer, and let’s get that money back where it belongs.

RIFT have been in the business of claiming tax rebates since 1999. If you think you could be due tax back check out our free tax refund calculator for an estimate.