Finance specialists, RIFT Tax Refunds, is delighted to announce that the company hit its next donation milestone for ABF The Soldiers’ Charity of £300,000 this month, having now supported the charity with its fundraising efforts for almost a decade, efforts that saw the company earn the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award in 2020 for its exemplary record of advocacy and support for the military community.

RIFT Tax Refunds were recently joined by Brig (Ret’d) Peter Monteith MBE, the Chief of Staff of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, to celebrate the RIFT Tax Refunds milestone of £300,000 donated to the charity.

At the event, held at the RIFT Head Office in Ashford, Peter shared some details of how the ABF uses funds raised and donations to support the military community, including grants to individuals, grants to other charities and organisations, and investments in activities that benefit soldiers, veterans and their families.

The event was also attended by Lt Col Simon Dean OBE from Kent Adult Cadet Forces (ACF), who shared details of volunteering with the ACF and the activities of Challenger Troop. Finally, Capt Ossie Osborne and CSgt Gary Sage from 3 PWRR were also present, and shared details of Reservists activities and opportunities.

CEO of RIFT Bradley Post, commented: 

"RIFT has enjoyed a long and successful relationship with the military community. To date we have supported over 65,000 members of the Armed Forces, enabling them to reclaim over £120m in overpaid tax alone and the funds raised for ABF the Soldiers’ Charity will further benefit the military community.

We are proud of our association with ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, and to have reached the £300,000 donated milestone. The extent of the work the charity does with the funds raised is commendable, ranging from helping Army families, care for the elderly, enabling independent living, education & training for employability, increasing mental fitness and housing support.

RIFT's Head of Armed Forces Liaison, Shaun Micallef-Green, said:

“Since the heroic efforts of King Leonidis and his 300 Spartans, who fought bravely together with some 7000 Ancient Greeks against overwhelming Persian odds at the battle of Thermopylae in 480BC, 300 has long been a number to celebrate.

RIFT’s own 300 milestone and celebration does not of course involve drawn swords or heroic battles, but is nonetheless one of which we are very proud.”

Here’s some info about Military Tax Refund claims from: Military Tax Refund | Armed Forces Tax Rebate | RIFT

What expenses count towards my military tax refund?

To get the most from an Armed Forces tax refund, you need to claim for more than just travel costs to temporary postings. Military tax refund claims can also include things like:

  • Mess dress
  • Food Costs
  • Time spent on secondments or a temporary place of duty, including in support of MACA, such as at Covid-19 testing stations.
  • Career courses and trade training, including CMT or even resettlement courses.
  • Training conducted at civilian locations such as universities, if it’s part of your career development.
  • Pre and Post Deployment training.
  • Regular assignments of under 2 years, both in UK and overseas.

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