If we took all our customers to meet an alien intelligence (which we don't do that often, to be honest because no one enjoys it) and then asked those aliens to describe the creature they'd met, it would be Dave.

How Dave Are You?

So how Dave are you?.

  • Name: David (Dave to his mates).
  • Dave's refund last year: £1,481.
  • Dave's monthly mileage: 1,386 miles (which is actually 121% more than an average Brit).
  • Dave's daily commute time: 59 minutes.
  • Dave's car: Ford Fiesta, although a lot of his mates drive Vauxhall Astras or Corsas.
  • Number of friends Dave's referred to RIFT: 3
  • Dave's average Refer A Friend reward payment: £150
  • Logged into MyRIFT: Once per month
  • Dave's favourite thing about RIFT: how friendly we are.

If you're not a RIFT customer yet, do you recognise yourself in this description of what Dave is due his tax refund for?

  • He works for one employer at different locations or military bases
  • He travels to his work sites in his own vehicle or public transport
  • He has to pay to travel to those locations out of his own pocket and his employer doesn't reimburse the full cost.
  • He has to cover the cost of his own tools, specialist clothing or uniforms, accomodation and other work expenses
  • He pays for his own food at work and these expenses really add up over the year.

This is what Dave gets his tax refund for:

The breakdown of an average RIFT tax refund

Before he came to RIFT, Dave had heard about tax rebates, but he didn't really have to time to get it done and the idea of contacting HMRC put him off. Once his friend had claimed a refund and recommended RIFT, though, he felt a bit more confident. He felt even better when he got almost £3k back in his first claim as he was owed a refund for 2.5 years out of the 4 he could claim for. Even better, his mate got £50 for encouraging him to get what he was owed.

If you're already using RIFT and want to check out your own stats to see exactly how Dave you are, watch for the email we send you in the next few weeks when it's time for you start your next tax refund claim.

We can get the wheels turning on your next refund as soon as the tax year ticks over in April, but if we want to get your money as quickly as you can, just log into your MyRIFT account and make sure all your information's up to date and ready to go. Then you can start planning what you'll use it for.

No matter how much or how little of a “Dave” you are, you're never just a number to us. Every tax refund claim has its own unique story behind it, and no two customers have the exact same circumstances. That's the big difference you get with RIFT. As a tax specialist, we understand that the idea of a “one size fits all” service for things like tax refunds is a myth. If you want to get back everything the taxman owes you, you need an expert who understands your needs on a much deeper level.

That's why we can always help you get the very best from your refund claim – and it's why you're always better off with RIFT.

RIFT are the UK's leading tax rebate and tax return experts who've been in the industry since 1999.  If you think you might be owed a tax back then use our free tax rebate calculator to get an instant estimate of how much cash you could be owed.