HMRC Enquiries we handle at RIFT

A HMRC enquiry into a tax refund isn't always as scary as it sounds. A lot of the time, it's just a way of double-checking a few details. Also, HMRC occasionally does random spot-checks to make sure everyone's playing by the rules. There are 4 basic kinds of enquiry we tend to see at RIFT:

Enquiry into work expenses claimed

This is what happens when HMRC needs more information or evidence about your expenses before agreeing to the tax rebate. There may be some back-and-forth between RIFT and HMRC as we explain your expenses claim to them in more detail, and we might ask you for some more paperwork to show them as proof of your claim. We'll keep you up to date on everything as it happens by phone, text and email.

Enquiry into travel expenses claimed

Travel expenses are a huge part of most tax rebate claims we handle. If HMRC needs to check our calculations, they get in touch with us and with you. We explain how the calculation was made, and back it up with evidence. We’ve developed our own unique software for this so it’s very easy for us to show your travel routes, methods and costs and prove your claim to HMRC. We keep you in the loop at all times, and if we need any more details then we’ll be in touch.

Discrepancy in income enquiry

This type of enquiry can happen when HMRC's records of your income don't match yours. Most of the time it's a simple mistake and easy to fix, but things can get tricky if HMRC thinks you've been careless or that you’ve had income from other sources (maybe extra work outside of your main job, maybe from property rental or capital gains or making money through sources like online sales or YouTube channels). This is why it's so important to make sure the information you give us is complete and correct and you tell us about all of your income. Even if HMRC decides to issue a penalty, we can handle your appeal against it. If the mistake was covered by your RIFT Guarantee, we'll pay any penalty ourselves, of course.

Child benefit enquiry

One fairly common mistake people make with their tax refund claims is forgetting about Child Benefit. If HMRC thinks you're liable to repay this, they’ll (quite rightly) kick up a fuss about it. If HMRC has made the mistake, however, we can challenge their complaint and get it sorted out for you.

We're here to help

Despite what you might have heard, the taxman really isn't out to steal your money. All he wants is what you owe. When you're entitled to a refund, he won’t keep it from you – but he does have to certain that your claim is correct, of course. As long as you make your claim the right way, and only ask for what you're entitled to, you'll get your money back.

With RIFT, of course, you've got even less to worry about. We handle every aspect of your tax rebate and our specialist knowledge means that we can maximise the value of your claim. That includes taking care of any enquiries from HMRC. Better yet, as long as you've played straight with us, your refund is covered by our RIFT Guarantee.

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