Tuesday 15th August 2023

Research by finance specialists, RIFT, has revealed that Blackpool and the Lake District top the table as the nation’s best staycation destinations this summer, based on a range of factors including the cost of accommodation and a family day out of fun and food. 

RIFT ranked eight of the nation’s best staycation destinations scoring them on the affordability of accommodation, the cost of a family day out to a nearby attraction, the price of a pint and the cost of an all important fish and chip supper. 

The lower the cost of each aspect, the higher the score, with the winning destination crowned based on the highest total score. 

The figures show that across the eight staycation destinations analysed, the cost of short term rental accommodation such as an AirBnB comes in at an average £146 per day. 

The average day out for a family of four will set you back £63, while the average cost of a pint comes in at £4.29. 

Perhaps the most surprising findings from RIFT is that the average cost of just one fish and chip supper came in at an unbelievable £11.19. 

Here’s how each staycation destination performed.