AND THE WINNERS ARE...Prize Draw Winners Gallery

We run 4 big prize draws across the year where the prize you could win depends on the number of people you've referred who've completed their claim with us (T&Cs apply).

Take a look at our gallery of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Star prize Refer a Friend winners and what they've won after referring their friends to RIFT. 

I’m super happy about winning £500 from refer a friend scheme, it was a wonderful surprise whilst waiting in the airport terminal to come home after four months away! Perfect Christmas/new years gift I’d say!

I referred my friends due to the tax refund I received and thought it was a great opportunity for them to get involved in! I highly recommend refer a friend scheme, it’s not only beneficial for your friend but you get a little something for yourself in return what could be better? The scheme allows both yourself and your friend to gain money without hassle! I will definitely keep referring friends to rift!

I can help my friends receive a tax claim whilst also benefiting myself with the £50 refer a friend scheme.

I definitely think the refer a friend scheme is worthwhile as you can earn yourself and others money. The scheme is easy and simple to follow and can be completed within 5 minutes. I have used rift refunds for a few years now and have always been happy with my outcome so I will continue to refer my friends to ensure they can receive the same outcome.

I’m absolutely overwhelmed about winning, the money really does help and gives me the chance to really treat myself! The refer a friend scheme is amazing, it really helps when you earn the rewards by people getting their refunds back because then it’s a win win situation, plus it also helps when you haven’t got that much money at the end of the month!

I have found RIFT services to be simple, easy and very beneficial. Using them for many years I have never had an issue getting my refunds and their customer service has been second to non. Therefore, it made perfect sense to refer my friends so that they could also benefit from the wonderful work that RIFT do.

The refer a friend scheme is undoubtedly worthwhile. It spreads the news about the great work that RIFT does and rewards those who do it. It encourages you to share the good news and not keep it to yourself.

The scheme is so easy to use. Doing it via the app just makes it so much simpler and its rewarding for both you and your friends. It’s a situation where everyone actually wins!

RIFT make it so simple it would be silly not to, and my friends would miss out if they never heard about their services.

Firstly I would like to thank Rift for there ongoing hard work and support. This year will be my third application with them and there is a reason I keep using them. From the initial meeting with Paul on Site, their process and formality has never been simpler.
Referring my friends and work colleagues was simple. Its as easy as referring them directly on the Rift app or by passing on some details. The reason why I refer is I also want others to know about ways of getting money back. Myself being directly employed, I would of never believed I would be entitled to a tax refund.
There is so many positives to the refer a friend scheme. It is a huge tool for both Rift and their users as Rift will naturally generate more leads and business from each referred case however the incentive of receiving £50 for each successful claim your friend/colleague makes is an appealing way to keep referring alone. I have successfully referred one person to date and I am currently through the process of a second. There really is no negatives.
Will I keep referring people? Of course! Not only do you receive the £50 as mentioned above, but you're also entered into a price draw in which can receive a further bonus. I often read the newsletters in which I see people winning all the time never thinking I would be in such a fortunate position.
So Rift, thank you again for your consideration and keep up the hard work.

I Referred a friend because I have used rift for a number of years and they have always been a very good service and I have always been happy with my rebate I would recommend them to all my work colleagues.

Jennifer Mennel

"I am surprised to win the £500 as I didn’t even realise it was a possibility I just refer my friends because RIFT is really easy and good to use. However I fully recommend the Refer a friend scheme as some people may not be able to find a company to do their tax refund via. I will continue to refer my friends and grow the Rift user community as it is definitely the best company to go with."

Kwaku Duah

"The simple process and rapid response when contacted. The transparent process in involved. The app used and the customer service, top notch. The refer friend scheme is a good thing. Earn as you help friends and family love that and the payment is quick. It also gave me a proof of benefits I enjoyed referring and being a customer. The scheme is a good thing because it provides a proof and the benefits I have enjoyed from since being a customer. I will definitely continue to refer friends and family."

Corey Mullins

"After seeing how much I was able to claim, I thought why not share it with my friends also, we can all benefit from it as it allows you to make some extra money as well. I will always keep referring people to RIFT."

James Harvey

“I first found out about rift through a friend at work. After I received over a thousand pound I couldn't believe it! I wanted a few of my mates to get involved and was incredibly impressed with how quickly they also received their refunds!”

John McKay

“I refer my friends because the service is good. You get £50 yourself and it saves a lot of hassle. Everything about it is really good. I’ll definitely keep referring my friends, as soon as I’m back to the main site, I'll keep referring straight away.”

Drew Murray

“I referred my friend from the reward scheme that was suggested to me by RIFT. The scheme is definitely worthwhile and the rewards clearly work with this being my second time winning! I’ll most definitely keep referring my friends and thank you to the team, I’ll make sure I’ll speak to you again in the new tax year :)”

Francesca Anderson

“I refer my friends because it helps them out and you get a bonus per referral! The scheme is definitely worth doing as your helping yourself as well as someone else! You get extra cash and the potential to win a prize, what’s not to like! I’ll definitely refer my friends again!”

Ivan Bledy

“My name is Ivan Bledy. I heard about rift on the internet…they offer £50 for every friend. I referred 2 friends and after a few weeks I had a call that I had won £300 which made me happy. I will recommend more friends and family thanks to Rift.”

Connor Sowter

"Very happy to be told I've won the draw. I referred my friends to RIFT after how easily my claim went through, most were skeptical at first until I showed them how easy it was to put a claim in. It's a great scheme for anyone wanting to get some money back. Anyone else who approaches me asking about RIFT, I always encourage them to make a claim and will continue doing so."

Connor Jordan, Construction

"I wasn't aware how much of a refund I could claim back, I thought I'd only get about £100 so I was shocked how much I received - That made me tell my friends. I definitely recommend the refer a friend scheme and will keep referring friends. It helps others out and you get paid for helping them - WIN WIN!"

Tom Layton

"I feel over the moon with the fact I've been lucky enough to win the refer a friend prize draw! It's been a nice little bonus to the fact that referring my friend was super easy and didn't take too long to get them started on their claim. On top of the fact that they will get their refund and I'll get £50 once their claim is finished, I now get the added bonus of some prizes too. It's made the whole situation worthwhile and worth the time. I'll definitely carry on doing this in the future. Cheers Rift!"

Ronak Gurung

Hi, I'm Ronak currently serving member in the Armed Forces. I'm the winner of £250 refer a friend scheme. I first got to know about rift through one of my friend as he referred me. I recently had my tax refunded and it was really easy and reliable. And knowing that you could earn £50 just by referring made me refer to other friends as well. Refer a friend scheme is really food and worth it. I would definitely consider referring more friends now."

Christopher Hadland, Construction

Thanks again this really made my day, even more so with how rubbish everything is recently so thank you.
I refer my friends because the fact is thats its money they would otherwise be losing out on as they earned it and the refer a friend bonus scheme.
I always split the bonus with them as seemed the fair thing to do.
It helps me promote Rift which everyone should use who can. I'm sure its possible to do without you but I imagine very complex and easy to get wrong.
Also your customer service has always been great and service has been so quick and easy.

Ed Brosch, Construction

I first used RIFT a few years ago and as an employed carpenter, I was surprised at how much money I was able to claim back for site travel, tools, work wear etc.
As RIFT do all the leg work the process is quick and easy and you get a nice sum at the end to use however you please.
Since then I've made a claim every year and I'm always recommending to other lads I work with through the refer a friend scheme which helps them and gets you a nice £50 bonus per referral!
On top of all that, having referred a few people, I got a call to say that I'd won the refer a friend prize draw so got another £300 prize on top!
Thank you RIFT!!

Daanyal Brand, MOD

'I just referred a friend as he needed a tax claim after I done mine so I just sent him the link. Plus an extra £50 on top of your claim, every little helps. You should refer as many people as you can as it’s extra money, also getting entered into prizes. Doesn’t take long so worth the while. So happy to win this money as it’ll help me a lot with Christmas presents. I’m going to keep referring friends as it’s easy, takes only a few minutes and you get fantastic prizes like the one I’ve won today.'

Matthew Earnshaw, Construction

‘I referred my work colleague to Rift because they made it so easy for myself to make my claim.
The refer a friend scheme is definitely worthwhile. As well as helping someone else you are also helping yourself with a £50 cash payment.
I will continue to refer my friends and colleagues so they can benefit from the professionalism and great communication that Rift provide.’

Richard Witty, CIS

I’ve been with RIFT for the last 9 years, and I’ve always been happy with the service! The whole process is very easy and it takes the hassle out of doing a tax return. Now I’ve referred my friends to RIFT knowing that they will get the same high-level service that they offer. Thank you RIFT!

Ian Brown, Construction

“Thank you so much RIFT. I referred my colleague because RIFT has helped me a lot over the years. This win has came at a very hard time and hopefully will help me and the family with Christmas. I will definitely continue to refer friends and family to RIFT over the coming years.”

Darren Stanton, Construction

“Winning £1000 pounds is such a great feeling. I've just had a new baby and it's my first anniversary soon so I'll be spending it on them”

Connor Beard, MOD

“I am a serving member of armed forces. I would like to thank RIFT for the £500 reward money they've given me as part of the Refer a Friend scheme.  They provide a simple user-friendly service that takes all of the stress and uncertainty out of doing a tax reclaim. They are quick to turn round your claim and do so with diligence so you've got nothing to be worried about. As a long-term user of RIFT I truly feel like a valued customer.”

Emily Nixon, MOD

“I still can’t believe I have won £300, I'm so so happy!!
I’ve used RIFT for the last couple of years, and to be honest I can’t fault the service. They have always come up trumps with a speedy refund, and I was kept updated at every step of the way. As long as my friends are eligible, I will keep referring them to RIFT!!”

Reid Patman, MOD

"I would 100% recommend referring a friend as it shows you do actually win stuff"

Lewis Joseph, MOD

“Within a few months I've got nearly £1000 from my refund and referring my friends to RIFT. It's amazing!”

Dean Saunders, Construction

“The referral scheme is very good and a worthwhile process and I’ll definitely be referring more of my friends”

Ricki Hopkins, Construction

“My mate referred me and had £50 so I told another mate and I have been given £50 for a referral.

The service has been spot on, the team is very helpful if you need them and understanding. :)”

Arran Anderton, Construction

“Not only have I won this fantastic prize but my friend has also received a nice sum of money too”

Christopher Birch, MOD (not pictured)

"The Refer a Friend scheme is definitely worthwhile, I managed to get 5 referrals which meant I got given an additional £150 and then ended up winning another £500"

Ellis Ashley, MOD

“When I got my first refund through from RIFT I straight away text my friends telling them how easy it was to do!”

Jessica Gregory, Construction

“When I got my first refund through from RIFT I straight away text my friends telling them how easy it was to do!”

Ben Catten, MOD (not pictured)

“I referred a friend because I wanted to help others get some extra money from a tax refund, as well as earn some more myself”

Christopher Cowan, MOD

“I referred a friend because I wanted to help others get some extra money from a tax refund, as well as earn some more myself”

Robert Culleton, CIS Construction

“I'm very happy with the service I get from RIFT and I thought my work colleagues could benefit from their services as well, so naturally I referred them to RIFT”

Gordon Lochrane, Construction

"Since doing my own claim I've referred 4 friends. It's so easy to do and you get paid for it"

Daniel North, Construction

"I intend to tell other friends in similar situations about RIFT as I also get a cash bonus for helping them"

Thomas Lewis, Construction

“I claimed using RIFT last year and will again in 2020 for the new tax year. Really straightforward dealing with them, and the money was a nice surprise. Telling my work mates about them made sense, and winning more through their Refer a Friend prize draw was an added bonus – thank you!”

Michael Tolton, Construction

“My work involves visiting multiple sites and I’ve been claiming my travel expenses back using RIFT since 2016. I’ve been really happy with the refunds I’ve had and the service from RIFT, much easier than doing it myself. Happy to refer my friends.”

Richard Nicholl & Alexander Bond, Construction

"Winning £1,000 each before Christmas is amazing, we couldn’t believe it. Thank you RIFT!"

Ross White, Construction

"Refer a Friend is a great way to make a bit of extra cash and also inform friends about money they could be claiming back"

James Herd, Construction

"It's true I'm a winner, I can't believe it. Refer a Friend is a great idea, you get paid for referring a friend it's that simple"

Robert Astin, Construction

“I was referred to RIFT myself 3 years ago so now I just try helping friends out by referring them so they can get the money back they're owed”

Rodger Smith & John O'Neil, Security/Construction

"The process is super quick with excellent customer service and their Refer a Friend scheme is the icing on the cake"

Luke Parr & Joshua Brickell, MOD

"Words can't explain how happy this makes us, knowing we can cover all our Christmas shopping”

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