Here at RIFT we have close relationship with the Armed Forces, through the servicemen and women we help with their tax refunds, through our partnership with The Soldiers' Charity and through our support of the Armed Forces Covenant.

Many businesses can find it difficult to find the perfect candidate to fill certain roles particularly in industries where employers are struggling to ‘fill’ a significant skills gap. One often overlooked solution for employers to consider is recruiting ex-military personnel who have a breadth of aptitude, skills and training which are transferable and could add real value to their business.

Here at RIFT we pride ourselves on being a Forces Friendly Employer. Forces veterans can be an invaluable asset to your business, bringing new skills, insight and approaches to your teams.

Successful recruitment:

When you open your doors to the Armed Forces community, you’re not just making a show of support. You’re actively helping to promote the wellbeing of both MOD personnel and your own business.

By openly stating  support for the Armed Forces Covenant, you make your business more attractive to the military talent pool, and have an increased opportunity to attract high quality candidates to new roles

Former Service members are ideal candidates for some of the most challenging jobs on offer.

  • They thrive under pressure and fully understand the importance of tight focus and organisation.
  • Personnel are adaptable and quick to fit in, being used to working with a variety of teams
  • They can handle leadership and cope with fast-changing environments and strict deadlines.
  • The military “can do” attitude is highly contagious! Staff with a military background are very robust and able to take challenges at work in their stride.
  • Candidates with military backgrounds know how to build team spirit and enhance personal motivation which, in turn, can increase job satisfaction and staff retention.
  • Enhanced employee motivation and stimulation promotes greater team cohesion, and nurtures a positive environment for improved business performance.

In short, they’re some of the most reliable, dedicated candidates you could ask for, with a highly developed sense of commitment both to their teams and your organisation.

Staff development and retention

Learning from ex-Forces colleagues can inspire other employees to engage more directly with the military, which can have unexpected benefits for your business and lead to increases in your bottom line:

  • A Glassdoor survey* in 2016 amongst staff members leaving their jobs revealed that almost 1 in 10 employees surveyed who were leaving their jobs cited negative relationships with colleagues as being a primary reason. The need for a new challenge was cited by 23% of employees leaving, and 22% stated their current work was too boring.
  • Supporting staff who wish to engage with the military, for example by becoming an Adult Cadet Volunteer, or Reservist, provides a potential outlet for employees who may find themselves in a rut and who may otherwise seek a new challenge via a new job.
  • Encouraging employees to engage with the military community doesn’t change the nature of their job, but it can offer a much needed challenge and stimulation for staff, and take away the itch which might otherwise lead to them seeking alternative employment.
  • Employees engaging with the military in a different context, such as by becoming a Reservist or Adult Cadet Volunteer, have the opportunity to develop and enhance new skills, which may be of benefit to the business (at no cost), which might include both practical skills as well as softer skills such as communication and team cohesion, and nurtures a positive environment for improved business performance.

Businesses which actively support the Armed Forces community receive recognition via the Employer Recognition Scheme, setting them aside from their competitors both for customers.

This recognition also makes the businesses stand out to future potential employees when researching the company, making it appear as being a great place to work.

With Silver status already under our belts, RIFT is only going to push even harder to work toward the AFC’s gold tier. Signing up to the Covenant is good for business and, crucially, it’s making a real commitment to recognising the challenges and honouring the sacrifices of the UK’s Armed Forces.