It’s a tragic fact that UK construction workers end their own lives at a rate 3 times higher than the national average. In fact, 2 British construction industry employees commit suicide every day. Our partners at The Lighthouse Club charity are highlighting this terrible toll by supporting this year’s World Suicide Prevention Day, and at RIFT, we’re honoured to stand with them.

The Lighthouse Club has long fought to get construction workers the practical, financial and mental health help they need. The building trade can place enormous physical and psychological stresses on people, but still too few sufferers feel they can speak up and reach out.

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 falls on Thursday the 10th of September, and The Lighthouse Club has a range of resources available to tackle this urgent issue.

  • Free 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline
    A confidential helpline for construction workers and their families. Packs featuring posters and cards are available to help promote the service, with separate numbers for UK and ROI callers.
  • Free Mental Health Training
    Available until 2021, The Lighthouse Club’s training programme includes help with stress and work/life balance, mindfulness, resilience and meditation. You can also get help with handling budgets, interviews and CVs.
  • Construction Industry Helpline App
    This free app is an amazing tool for accessing support right from the start of a crisis. It contains information, advice and practical guidance on a huge range of physical, mental and financial issues. For those needing more personal support, the app puts professional help within easy reach.
  • Building Mental Health Portal
    As a founder member of Building Mental Health, The Lighthouse Club has developed an online portal to help organisations tackle mental health issues. The portal opens up access to crucial resources, from downloadable “tool box talks” to advice on getting mental health training. All the guidance and information is free and tailored to your needs.

With construction industry suicide rates outnumbering fatal workplace accidents by a shocking 10 to 1, suffering in silence is not an option. We need to be talking a lot more openly about mental health issues in the building trade, and The Lighthouse Club’s participation in World Suicide Prevention Day 2020 is an ideal platform to launch those efforts from. Get involved by raising awareness in your own organisations, and always reach out if you’re suffering.

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