The RIFT Customer Charter sits at the very heart of everything we do. It’s a code we work by, and it means you can and should always expect the very best from us. The Charter states that we will, at all times:

  • Be professional, friendly and helpful.
  • Act with openness and integrity.
  • Resolve problems fairly and promptly.
  • Respect, protect and listen to you.

We didn’t just conjure this list out of thin air, either. The Customer Charter is built on conversations we’ve had with you about what you want, need and deserve from us. The feedback and reviews we get from you are crucial to improving our services. They’re how we build our understanding of your needs and expectations. We listen when you talk, and we act on what you tell us.

Here are just a few of the pieces of feedback we’ve received in the last month:

"I was sceptical about using RIFT, despite my colleague rating them highly - but from my first chat with Ian through to the emails & phone calls from the lovely girls, everything has been brilliant. I had to do very little for a huge gain & I will recommend them over & over. A great team".

"I have just completed my third claim with RIFT and each has been a fast and efficient process. Once I was initially registered and supplied the relevant payroll and expenses detail, RIFT took care of the rest. I receive reminders annually now to remind me to submit that year’s claim, and text messages to update me on the progress of my claim. They are up-front from the start with their fees so there are no sudden surprises. My most recent claim was paid within 8 weeks, a lot sooner than the forecast 12-week turnaround."

"I found RIFT to be very efficient all the way through. The only thing was I found that the actual refund itself took a long time to come through. I was quoted 12/13 weeks for it to get to me."

"RIFT customer service are excellent and they helped me through the process of getting money from the taxman. If I tried it myself it would be very long process for me."

"I found RIFT customer service agents to be extremely friendly, helpful and gave clear information throughout my claim. The aftercare support offered is excellent and at no point did I feel the need to chase my claim".

"RIFT was amazing. After initial contact, everything was hassle free. After printing off 48 payslips and 4 P40s the team took over, who kept me informed every step of the way. After approx 6 weeks I was over £3000 better off. Massive thank you to the RIFT Team".

"Straight forward and hassle free. The only down side is the length of time it can take, but some things can't be helped. A service I'd use again!".

How does RIFT use customer feedback to improve services?

It’s always great to hear back from happy RIFT clients, of course. However, it’s also incredibly valuable to hear about any concerns or suggestions you might have. Customer feedback has been responsible for some of the most important upgrades to our services. MyRIFT, for example, is built entirely around the things you wanted: instant access to your information and claim progress, plus the ability to add or change details at any time.

We’re always working on new features suggested by you, and expanding the services you like best. Our Refer a Friend scheme, for example, has been expanded even more to include prize draws and bonuses on top of the normal cash rewards. We’ve also been adding more ways for you to contact us, whenever and however you need to.

How does RIFT pass on customer feedback to HMRC?

Customer feedback can even help us improve the whole tax refund system! As some of your reviews show, it can take many weeks for a refund to come through. This isn’t something we can directly control, since the timing is determined by HMRC. However, your feedback is exactly what we need when we talk to the taxman. The more we can make your voices heard, the greater the pressure on HMRC to improve.

In other words, whether you’re delighted, disappointed or confused by RIFT or HMRC, we want to hear about it. Get in touch and make some noise!

We're a family run company who've been in the tax rebate and tax return business since 1999. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you claim the tax back you're owed from HMRC.