RIFT Group were delighted to host a co-signing event for the Armed Forces Covenant on Wednesday 26th February, in which RAP Interiors and Careerz Ltd pledged their support to the Military community in the presence of members of HMS President, the 3rd Battalion, ‘The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment’ and the Reserve Forces and Cadets Association.

RIFT, RAP Interiors, Careerz and all military

Both businesses were participants at the RIFT Military Engagement Day in October 2019, in which a number of Kent based businesses came together to discuss the benefits to be gained from developing a relationship with the Military community. At this event, direct accounts were shared by members of the RIFT team of the personal development opportunities they had realised at Military events such as the Sandhurst Leadership Challenge, and the wider benefits recruitment of Military Veterans offers businesses.

Following the event, members of RAP Interiors and Careerz Ltd met with members of the RIFT Armed Forces Liaison team, to explore the type of relationship they might develop with the Military, and how it might directly benefit their businesses.

There are common benefits to be gained from developing a relationship with the Military, as well as some which are unique to each business. The Military “Can-Do” attitude, along with the technical and transferable skills learned within their roles enable many Veterans to make a natural transition from the Armed Forces into the Construction industry. For RAP Interiors, who specialise in interior design and refurbishment, the self-starting approach and skillsets of Veterans offers an excellent opportunity for potential employee candidates.


Signing the Armed Forces Covenant


RAP interiors are pleased and excited to join other companies engaging with the Military in the South of England.  As an equal opportunities employer we are keen to start exploring the benefits that are now widely available to us creating a valuable relationship with the partners that have built the employer engagement network. Martyn Pilcher - Rap Interior Commercial Director


Many Military personnel become highly experienced and competent in Management and Technology roles during their careers, which, along with Marketing and Finance, are amongst the key roles in which Careerz Ltd specialises in sourcing for Kent and London businesses. Careerz are also keen to work with Careers Transition Partnership to support the Veterans in identifying and matching their skills to the right roles.



Forward thinking companies are continuously looking to tap into recruiting talent from all forms of diverse backgrounds to give them a competitive edge. Armed Forces personnel receive some of the best training available, and are renowned for their high level of competency in key areas such team focus, planning and organising, attention to detail, resilience and above all, delivering results. Hence, as a well established recruitment agency focused on delivering high quality candidates to Kent businesses, the benefits of signing the Armed Forces Covenant and accessing this talent pool are very clear
John Adams – Careerz Ltd Business Owner

Both businesses have now joined the several thousand UK businesses that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant, including RIFT, who renewed their commitment with further support to the community in October 2019. The Armed Forces welcomes each new relationship and sees this as an opportunity to work with local businesses, to the mutual benefit of the organisations, employees and families.



Lieutenant Commander Tony Scott, representing London’s Royal Naval Reserve unit HMS President and its Rochester-based Medway Tender satellite unit, said:

“It was an honour signing the Armed Forces Covenant on behalf of the Ministry of Defence at RIFT in Ashford. Having served as both a Regular and Reservist myself, and having worked in civilian life in small and large companies as well as being self-employed through Scott Communications, I appreciate fully the benefits my Naval training and experiences have brought to my civilian career. The support and understanding from employers has been especially important in this, and I am therefore glad to do all I can to help raise awareness of the benefits of employing Armed Forces Veterans and Reservists.”

Want to get involved?

The next co-signing event is scheduled to take place during the week of 22 June 2020 at the RIFT Offices in Ashford, as part of our celebrations of the Armed Forces Day. This event will also be supported with a guest speaker from ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, giving insights into the support given by the charity to a variety of Military causes. If you wish to take part in the next event, or find out more about how a relationship with the Military might benefit your business, contact the RIFT Military Engagement Team.