Thursday 23rd November 2023

Our latest research has revealed that UK parents have seen a 99% increase in Tooth Fairy tax, as the current price paid per tooth has climbed by almost £1 from one generation to the next. 

We commissioned a survey of 6,673 UK parents with a child aged 12 or under to find out just how much a trip from the Tooth Fairy is costing today, versus the money paid per tooth when they were a child. 

While the ivory trade is thankfully illegal across the UK when it comes to animals, it seems as though there’s still a roaring trade when it comes to human ivory. 

The research found that when today’s parents were children, they received an average of £0.98 per tooth. Fast forward to today and the average child is now securing an average of £1.96 per tooth, an increase of 99% from one generation to the next.

With children losing around 20 baby teeth, that’s a total of almost £40 paid by the Tooth Fairy today.


Strongest price per region

So where’s the best place for children to cash in their teeth in the current climate? 

Northern Ireland is the best place in the UK when it comes to the strongest price per tooth secured, with the average tooth now commanding an average price of £2.93.

Scotland is also home to a roaring tooth trade, where the Tooth Fairy pays an average of £2.28 per tooth, followed by the North East at £2.22 per tooth. 

The East of England is home to the weakest market at present, where the average tooth goes for just £1.65. 


Largest regional increases

Not only is the North East one of the strongest markets for human teeth when it comes to the current price paid, the region has also seen one of the sharpest increases from one generation to the next. 

The average price paid per tooth across the North East has climbed by 152% between current children versus the price their parents secured. 

The West Midlands has seen the average price paid per tooth increase by 128% from one generation to the next, while the North West (+124%) and London (101%) have also seen an increase of more than 100%.